Cloud Phone

Reduced Phone Bills, Increased Flexibility and Bridged Offices with Cloud Phone Systems

Are you…

  • Considering moving premises? Or…
  • Working from home? Or…
  • Is your old telephone technology failing? Or..
  • Do you need features available that will provide your business with a competitive advantage, eg recording, voice mail?

Then you are in the right place! A cloud phone system addresses all of these and much more!

What are Cloud Phone Systems?

Cloud Phone Systems is the term used to describe private digital phone systems within an organization. Typically a physical piece of equipment is connected to the phones within the building and programmed to direct calls, voice-mails and even emails.

A cloud based PBX is a virtual replacement for a traditional physical unit that resides on the Internet.  Digital phone systems connect to it via the Internet.

What are the Advantages?

The advantages of Cloud phone systems are amazing, including:

  • Minimal Investment – There’s no need to purchase expensive complex equipment, you simply purchase the phones and plug them in.
  • Cheap Calls – Discounted call rates for local and international calls
  • High-End Features, Budget Price – You get all the phone system features of a high end system
  • Multiple Locations, One PBX – You can have phone extensions anywhere with an Internet connection including satellite offices, home offices & temporary locations. Just carry a phone where you need one. We can testify to this – the Fresh Mango Technologies UK Cloud phone system is deployed to satellite offices across the UK and even one in the Caribbean!
  • Simple To Update – No need for phone engineers to visit, give us a call and we can remotely update your call menus, extension, call groups, etc.
  • Highly Secure – Phone calls are encrypted as standard, preventing listening in.
  • Usage limits – can be set to manage your budget

Contact Fresh Mango today to find out more about our cloud phone systems and implementing your very own!