Computer Upgrades

Did you know that a computer upgrade can prove to be very cost-effective, extending your computer life. Very often it may be the case that you don’t need to spend £££ on buying a new whizz-bang computer or laptop. You may simply be able to upgrade your existing computer.


A computer upgrade can provide many improvements including:


  • Allowing you to upgrade to the latest operating system
  • Improved speed of operation

We can very quickly ascertain whether, and by how much, a computer upgrade is feasible for your PC or laptop. Once we’ve confirmed, we’ll provide a price for the new memory (RAM), hard drive or other components that we can replace.


With dedicated facilities from our Yorkshire offices, we provide computer upgrades and repairs, along with qualified technicians, you have the peace of mind that comes with a professional computer upgrade.

Reasons you may not need a computer upgrade
There might still be life in your current computer. You just need to improve the hardware speed and reliability with one of these affordable upgrades.
Expand computer's storage
Improve performance
Upgrade your experience
Connect an external hard drive
When your computer runs out of disk space, it has no room to temporarily save and swap data as you work on files. This means, as room starts to run out, your machine may begin to slow down or start crashing on a regular basis. Plus, of course, you won’t have any space left to save anything new. Plugging in an external hard drive can alleviate this problem in minutes.
Add an internal hard drive
As we’ve discussed, freeing up space on your hard drive is great for your computer’s health—but an external hard drive isn’t the only solution. If you’d like to avoid adding another gadget to your life, you can install a second internal hard drive in your computer. This is a more technical and time-consuming process, but it creates a more streamlined look.
Upgrade your cloud storage
The final option for increasing your hard drive’s available space sits in the cloud. You can move the files to a cloud-storage service like neoVault. Many of these services let you delete local copies of a file once you’ve moved the original online, which frees up valuable room on your old machine’s hard drive. This also makes it easier to move your files to a new computer when you do decide to upgrade.
Install more RAM
Random access memory, or RAM, is your computer’s memory. It uses this type of memory to hold data for currently-open applications. When your RAM has too much to do—think dozens of browser tabs, way too many applications, or a huge video file—your computer’s speed can slow to a crawl. To prevent this issue, install extra RAM.
Slot in a new graphics card
If your existing computer relies on a built-in graphics chip, it might struggle with tasks like gaming or image and video editing. Even playing oversize videos can slow it down. To boost its performance, plug in a new graphics card.
Invest in a bigger monitor
One way to improve your computer experience is bigger or additional monitors. For example, If you’re working on a laptop with a tiny screen, think about adding another display. This provides more screen room for applications and games, allowing you to compare multiple apps on the same screen. Just make sure your computer can run a second screen
Upgrade your keyboard and mouse
This is a particularly cheap improvement, and it works for any type of desktop or laptop. If you’re worried about running out of laptop ports, you can buy wireless peripherals and connect them via Bluetooth.
Add more ports
If you’ve maxed out the ports on your current computer, or you didn’t get many to begin with, think about investing in an extension hub.
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