IT Roadshow for MSP Customers

Fresh Mango’s unique IT Roadshows are exclusive to our MSP IT Support contracted customers.


The purpose of our IT Roadshows is to provide practical, plain-English advice on computer usage, systems and software and cyber security to all of your computer-using staff.


They are part of our ongoing efforts to educate our client base in all-matters IT, and to demystify the whole ‘IT thing’, in keeping with our Mission statement. Other ways we seek to educate are via our social media pages – you may wish to follow us on FacebookLinkedIn and Our blog or subscribe to our newsletters.


Our IT Roadshows cover numerous topics and are evolving continuously in keeping with the fast-moving pace of the IT industry. You can expect us to cover:

  1. Why we operate in certain ways and why we ask you to manage your computers in certain ways (‘Help us to help you’)
  2. What the software we provide does – plain English descriptions of Anti-virus, Anti-spam, Continuous Protective Monitoring, Microsoft 365
  3. Tips and tricks for computer usage
  4. Cyber security 101 – the very basics from a cyber hygiene perspective (Note this does not supplant cyber hygiene training which we recommend for everyone.)


The IT roadshows are conducted in an informal manner and questions, comments and observations are encouraged and welcomed throughout the presentation.


We can provide back-to-back presentations in batches to each of your staff to ensure your business can continue to operate (!). It is important that as many of your computer users as possible can attend.


The presentations are usually conducted on client premises, they can also be provided over video via Microsoft Teams or Zoom.


Contact us today to find out more about our IT Roadshows and becoming an MSP IT Support customer with Fresh Mango, we will get back to you in no time.