Computer Health Checks

Computer health checks are essential for the smooth and secure operation of your desktops, laptops and Apple products (yes even Apple computers need regular checks!). In the same way that your car requires regular maintenance, so too does your computer. You conduct regular maintenance on your car to protect your investment and to minimise the chances of it breaking down.

It’s exactly the same principle for your computer. You spend most of your working day on your PC, so it makes perfect sense to ensure it lasts and performs well for its service life. No maintenance means more problems and failures and lost productivity from a frustratingly slow and uncooperative PC. We can remove you from this world of pain!


So, computer health checks make perfect sense. We conduct health checks regularly for our Managed Service Provision and Retainer customers as part of our complete IT support arrangements for them.


We also provide services to customers who do now wish to commit to a regular IT Support arrangement. In these circumstances, we recommend an annual check as suitable for most people; for heavy computer usage, we recommend quarterly or six-monthly checks.


Our computer health checks include a 14-point check including:


Along with many other technical checks.


Conducting health checks ensures your business IT is as efficient as possible. Furthermore, you are safe in the knowledge that your computers are being taken care of professionally. After all, you wouldn’t leave your shiny new car in the hands of non-specialists, so why take the chance with another everyday and essential item like your computer?

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