Fresh Mango Vision & Values

The Fresh Mango Vision

The Fresh Mango vision is simple. We never want the phone to ring – unless it’s a new customer!

This means that we want our proactive IT support to be so good that our customers never have to call us with a problem.
We want to get IT out of the way for our customers, allowing them to focus on achieving their own business visions.

The Fresh Mango vision helps you reach your own goals

Our Values

Our mission is to ensure our customers operate smoothly and securely. We do this by:

  • Acting with integrity – we will always make IT recommendations in the best interests of our customers, not our own
  • Proactively supporting our customers. We don’t wait for IT problems to come to us – we aim to prevent the problem from happening in the first place
  • Cherishing our roots – we are a Yorkshire company and proud of it
  • Fostering a team spirit – we cannot over-communicate internally. We meet regularly – formally and informally. We document every activity, transaction and customer liaison. We ask each other for help, and provide it, utilising all our skills and treating each other as a customer.
  • Open and plain-speaking communication with clients. We will always communicate in terms our customers understand
  • Educating – educating our customers to demystify IT whilst ensuring they understand the value and calibre of our service
  • We are a perpetual work-in-progress. We monitor and act on the latest developments in the fast-moving field of IT, cybersecurity and websites. We train our staff on an ongoing basis
  • Embodying Professionalism. We do this through diligence, commitment, dependability, responsiveness, politeness and respectfulness

Do you like the sound of that? Does the Fresh Mango vision and mission resonate with you and your business? Then contact us today and let’s start building a lasting and mutually fulfilling business relationship!