Desktop PCs for sale

Desktop PCs for sale

Fresh Mango Technologies UK stock, supply and install all models of Desktop PCs for sale.


We can recommend the best computer for your budget and requirements. We often have special offers too – join our newsletter list to be sure you receive them!

We’re conveniently located!


  • Ripon – Melmerby, just off the A1
  • Leeds – near Leeds United Football Club, with ample free parking. 
  • Gargrave – right next to the Liverpool-Leeds canal! Picturesque with plenty of free parking.


Stop by and see us or contact us today for all your computer requirements!  Supplying  Desktop PCs for Sale from all the leading manufacturers, notably Dell, HP and Apple. 


Remember, when you purchase any IT product from Fresh Mango Technologies UK you’re in safe hands. Experienced technicians combined with a customer-friendly and can-do attitude to ensure your IT requirements are managed seamlessly. We can demonstrate an extensive portfolio of projects together with testimonials from our many satisfied customers.


Contact Fresh Mango Technologies UK today to find out more about our Yorkshire Desktop PCs for Sale.


We also sell laptops and every other type of computer equipment!

About Fresh Mango technologies

Fresh Mango Technologies is a Yorkshire IT Support provider that has been successfully providing computer and IT services for over 25 years.


Fresh Mango Technologies is built on repeat business and personal recommendations and so customer satisfaction is key to everything we do.

Our clients range from small and medium-sized organisations to large multinational businesses.


We pride ourselves on rapid response and our friendly, professional, highly qualified engineers are trained to understand your needs and deliver sound advice and the right solution the first time.


We have built various strategic partnerships with IT providers, including Microsoft, Dell, HP and many more to ensure we can provide our customers with the best value for money possible.



We have offices in Ripon, Skipton and Leeds. Our sister company Fresh Mango BVI is based in the British Virgin Islands, with servers and equipment available in even more locations (including the U.S. and Jersey).


To see some examples of our previous IT projects, check out the Portfolio Section of our website.

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Desktop PC peripherals

Computer Peripherals are an integral and essential element of any workstation setup. The ideal computer setup for your business is an essential part of ensuring an efficient working environment. The right setup ensures the systems work for you, not against you.


With incessant email, the need to access web browsers, video calls and of course accessing Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel etc), a single monitor can be a real drag on productivity.

That’s why we recommend a dual monitor environment as part of your ideal computer setup. Modern PCs can drive at least 2 monitors and so can many laptops. Indeed with a laptop you can effectively have a 3 monitor arrangement, the laptop screen being the 3rd monitor.

If you’re still working with a single monitor, trust us when we say you’ll feel liberated when you move to a dual monitor setup!


If you detest clutter on your desk, those keyboard and mouse cables are no doubt a distraction. So we recommend a wireless keyboard and mouse as part of the ideal computer setup. Laptop users will find this particularly helpful, removing you from the constraints of the smaller keypad and tracker on the laptop.


Very much ‘must-have’ items with video calls now being a standard element of day-to-day business. Laptops have good built-in cameras, but the speakers on PCs and laptops can be quite tinny in sound. If you prefer privacy then a set of headphones, with a built-in microphone, is probably the best way to go. Lots of options here, it’s very much a matter of personal preference.


This is an interesting one. At its most basic level a UPS provides battery back-up power for a short time in case of a power outage. In countries or regions with unreliable power supplies, they are very much a must-have piece of equipment. More sophisticated models also provide ‘power smoothing’ features that ensure the power supplied to your PC is clean.

Why is this important? Well, PCs, like all electronic equipment, do not react well to instantaneous loss of power. As well as ensuring you lose anything you are working on, instant loss of power can cause hardware or configuration failures on your computer.

Power smoothing is important for a similar reason. Continuously fluctuating power (frequency, current, voltage) will degrade your computer over time, causing it to fail sooner than its usual life expectancy.

So a UPS brings numerous benefits and is well worth considering as part of your backup and disaster recovery planning.

Desktop PC Repairs

We have well-equipped repair centres in each of our offices with multiple repair bays, test equipment, IT experts, parts and accessories.

We can repair all manner of problem computers from something as simple as a missing key to rescuing a system that may have taken a spill (or been spilt on!).

If you are looking to upgrade or replace missing or damaged parts, we also carry a stock of common accessories including hard drives, memory, fans, power supplies, cables and more.

If your requirement is for something specific, please contact us and we’ll be pleased to assist. We will order the item you need from one of our preferred suppliers and have it for you as soon as possible. We also provide a manufacturer’s warranty for all new equipment we sell.

Desktop PC Upgrades

Did you know that a computer upgrade can prove to be very cost-effective, extending your computer life. Very often it may be the case that you don’t need to spend £££ on buying a new whizz-bang computer or laptop. You may simply be able to upgrade your existing computer.


A computer upgrade can provide many improvements including:


  • Allowing you to upgrade to the latest operating system
  • Improved speed of operation

We can very quickly ascertain whether, and by how much, a computer upgrade is feasible for your PC or laptop. Once we’ve confirmed, we’ll provide a price for the new memory (RAM), hard drive or other components that we can replace.


With dedicated facilities from our Yorkshire offices, Fresh Mango provide computer upgrades and repairs, along with qualified technicians, you have the peace of mind that comes with a professional computer upgrade.