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            A company is nothing without the employees that make it

            At Fresh Mango we have a friendly, experienced IT Support team that always put the customer first, and will always take the time to explain things in a no-nonsense manner. Our team will provide you excellent IT Support. We’re also all self confessed geeks and gadget lovers (don’t get us started).

            We’re pleased to introduce our IT Support team below, who will provide excellent IT Support.

            Charlotte Boynton

            Sales & Office Manager

            Charlotte is an organised, hard-working individual who has great communication skills and is good at making decisions.

            Bruno Cugliandro

            Technical Manager

            Bruno brings several years of experience supporting small business networks, repairing systems and software.

            Eimantas Zolondauskis

            Lead Developer

            Eimantas is our award-winning website programmer. If its a complex application or programming problem, he’ll be able to fix it!

            Gavin Foster

            IT Field Technician

            Gavin has been in the IT Support sector for many years, even before it was his job, one of the best IT support Engineers you could ask for!

            Rob Fox

            IT Field Technician

            Rob has a strong interest in computers and their applications that have shaped the world we are in today!

            Adam Foxton

            Junior IT Technician

            Adam is a goal-oriented and optimistic hard-worker. He has turned his skills from being the family IT repair guy into a career.

            Bash Ridha

            Apprentice Web Developer

            Bash is kind and approachable individual who has a lot of knowledge in the tech world. His skills help solve many web problems.


            24/7 Ticket request

            Say ‘hello’ to JIM, the ‘itsupport247’ Fresh Mango team member! JIM (for Job Information Management) is our online Ticket system available to customers 24/7, 365 days a year.

            Jane Metcalf

            Director of Finance & Operations

            Jane keeps our office on track, handling the operation, finances and generally ensuring that the guys don’t go ‘full-geek’!

            Guy Phoenix

            Managing Director

            Guy is an all rounder who specialises in website SEO, marketing, cyber security and general flag-waving for the company. He loves music, sailing, karaoke, the sun and ‘playing’ his guitar.


            Trixie rules the roost in her home and our offices. Her stressful life consists of sleeping, eating, chasing waves on the beach, fetching stick and playing with her favourite toy ‘lamb chop’.

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