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Cloud to Cloud Backup

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup (C2C) is increasing in importance as more businesses move their data to the Cloud. If you store documents or data in the Cloud or have a Cloud-based server, you still need to back it up. Cloud servers are still physical servers, and so can fail or corrupt in exactly the same way as an on-premises server or storage device.

The solution is to backup your data to a Cloud backup facility, in the same way as you would for a Physical server (You can read more about our Cloud Backup solutions here). The only difference is that you will require additional third party software to enable the backup from your Cloud Storage server to your Cloud Backup server.

Cloud-to-Cloud backup options

There are several options available for cloud-to-cloud backup, here are some we recommend.

Should you require further information on backups or wish to ascertain the best solution for your business, please contact Fresh Mango today and we’ll be delighted to assist.

cloud-to-cloud backup
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