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Security assessment for UK Cyber Essentials scheme

As stories of organisations exposing customers’ information to Cyber Essentials threats continue to create headlines in the media, it is becoming increasingly important for organisations to not only maintain a robust cyber security stance but also demonstrate this to their clients.

We have two schemes available depending on your requirements , speak to our experts to discuss which scheme would be more suitable for your business.

Get Cyber Essentials

A certification is awarded on the basis of a verified self-assessment.

An organisation undertakes their own assessment of their implementation of the Cyber Essentials control themes via a questionnaire, which is approved by a senior executive such as the CEO. This questionnaire is then verified by an independent certification body to assess whether an appropriate standard has been achieved, and if so, the certification can then be awarded.

This option offers a basic level of assurance and can be achieved at a low cost.

What did we solve?

A small to medium IT-based in Gloucester wanted to partner with a local cyber security company to increase their service offerings. It was a good starting point for the company to assess their own information security needs.

How did we solve it?

Although smaller businesses face the same threats as their larger counterparts, many lack the security posture and incident response plans necessary to defend against and react to, attacks. Cyber Essentials is a practical first step for any organisation. In this case, the IT company didn’t want to offer cyber referrals without assessing their own organisation.

To discuss Cyber Essentials for your business, get in touch with our experts on +44 (0) 113 819 5859 today or click here for alternative contact methods.


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