Changing IT Provider

Changing IT Provider

We often hear that companies view changing IT provider is a painful exercise. Unless they’re finding their IT provider is just completely unresponsive, they continue with them. At Fresh Mango Technologies we completly get it – why would you change provider if it’s going to cause you disruption and even more pain?


That’s why we have developed a unique approach to working with businesses who are considering changing IT provider. This approach is encapsulated in our 14-point Onboarding programme. Our onboarding programme includes:


  1.  A comprehensive review of your IT assets and documenting the same
  2. Producing network and physical layout diagrams of your IT systems
  3. Ensuring you have appropriate cyber security measures in place, including regular server patching, anti-virus and anti-spam software.


With our professional and systematic approach to IT Support and IT Asset management, when you move your IT Support to Fresh Mango Technologies the process is seamless.

The Fresh Mango simple approach

The simple fact of the matter is that you won’t know how much better your IT support can be until you change your IT provider to Fresh Mango Technologies.

We understand that it may feel like a step into the unknown, which is why we reassure all new customers with our proven experience and technical expertise in IT support. We are pleased to provide references upon request.

Just as importantly, we make the transition seamless.

We will conduct our Onboarding work in advance so that when you decide to make the change, we conduct the switchover and hit the ground running!

All of our customers find that, once they have moved their IT Support to Fresh Mango, they never look back. We live and breathe IT, and we want our customers to focus on running their businesses, knowing that their IT – which they cannot live without – is in safe hands.


They take further comfort in the knowledge that IT Support is available in the evenings, from our Caribbean sister company!


Changing IT provider to Fresh Mango Technologies – simple, seamless, pain-free.


Isn’t it time you for you to Get a Grip on IT with Fresh Mango? Contact us today!