Yorkshire Computer Repairs

Computer problems? No problem! To provide first-class Yorkshire computer repairs, at Fresh Mango Technologies UK we have dedicated Yorkshire computer repair centres for service, repair and upgrade of all makes of laptops, desktop PCs, Macs and servers.

We have well-equipped repair centres with multiple repair bays, test equipment, IT experts, parts and accessories.


We can repair all manner of problem computers from something as simple as a missing key to rescuing a system that may have taken a spill (or been spilt on!).


If you are looking to upgrade or replace missing or damaged parts, we also carry a stock of common accessories including hard drives, memory, fans, power supplies, cables and more.


If your requirement is for something specific, please contact us and we’ll be pleased to assist. We will order the item you need from one of our preferred suppliers and have it for you as soon as possible. We also provide a manufacturer’s warranty for all new equipment we sell.

Repair, Upgrade or New?

If you’re unsure whether the time is right to upgrade or replace your current PC, Laptop or Macintosh, please feel free to talk to us, we’re happy to talk computers all day long!

Seriously, we will provide unbiased advice on the most cost-effective solution for you or your business. We’ll ask questions like what you use your computer for, how often you use it and so on. Based on your business and lifestyle requirements we can provide a recommendation accordingly.

It may be that a simple repair can be effected and that’s all you need; it may be that the cost of repair is uneconomical so it’s time to buy a new computer. Or it may be that a memory upgrade will be enough to meet your requirements. Whatever the outcome, we’ll provide you with our best advice for the way forward.

Contact Fresh Mango Technologies UK today and the team in one of our Yorkshire computer repair centres will be happy to help.

We're based in Yorkshire
Leeds Computer Workshop​
For our customers in Leeds and the surrounding region, we provide Leeds computer repair services from our Leeds service centre.
Ripon Computer Workshop
For our customers in Ripon and the North Yorkshire region, we provide Ripon computer repair services from our Ripon service centre.