Remote Access VPN

A remote access VPN provides access to your files and folders on your server from a remote location across a secure connection.


VPN stands for Virtual Private Connection. It works by creating a virtual tunnel between your device and the company’s network. The tunnel passes through the public internet but the data transmitted through it is protected by encryption and security protocols. This keeps the data private and secure.

How do I use a remote access VPN?

We will install the VPN software on your PC or laptop. The software is usually added as a quick-access icon to your toolbar as well. Then when you need to access the company network, you open the VPN software (double click the icon). Then enter your credentials and you will have access to the network. You will need an internet connection for this to work.

You may also need to enter your credentials when accessing the server from File Explorer or similar.

When you’ve finished you simply log off from the software.

What do I need?

Your network will need a suitable router that allows VPN configuration. We will configure it accordingly and we will then configure your devices that require access. We recommend Fortinet products for this.

Benefits of a remote access VPN

Remote Access: A remote-access VPN means your employees can log on to your company network from anywhere that has access to the Internet. A VPN provides your employees with access to all the resources available to them on the company network.

Access Control: A VPN allows you to determine who has access to your network and its resources (NB this is usually established at the network and server level as well). Essentially not all employees need access to all the same resources. Access control allows you to set those limits every step of the way.

Cybersecurity: When you need to access your private network, you create an encrypted, private communication session using a Virtual Private Network. The VPN session allows you to safely send data across public networks thanks to the use of encrypted tunnels. The only way in is through a device with VPN client software installed and configured to connect to your VPN server(s).

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