Network Equipment

Network equipment is critical for fast, flexible and reliable operations

Network equipment impacts everything, from day-to-day computer operations through to printing and phone systems and even your IT security. The IT experts at Fresh Mango Technologies UK will help you plan, deploy and manage your IT networks. This can be in existing or new buildings – we provide advice, support and perform the network installation work. We can also recommend, supply, install and maintain business servers.

All our Computer Network equipment and installations are tested comprehensively prior to deployment.  Every single port and patch is labelled and documented, ensuring that future maintenance work is so much easier and simpler. Contact Fresh Mango Technologies UK  today and we’ll be pleased to conduct a no-obligation visit to your premises to provide recommendations on your network infrastructure requirements.

We conduct a professional analysis, design and implementation for our client’s network and cable infrastructure requirements. Our aim is to provide clients with a network that is stable, secure and built-to-last as new services and applications are added. Our approach is summarised below.

We also recommend reviewing our blog piece on the ideal setup for IT systems.

We focus on the facts when implementing Network equipment design. Companies often have networks that have been “touched” many times, changed and altered. We assess your present status and develop a robust solution accordingly.
If you can’t see it, you can’t manage it. We ensure visibility of networks is at the forefront of any design. This ensures we, and you, know what you have and where it is. This allows constant network monitoring.
Just because something can be done, it doesn’t mean it should. Fresh Mango Technologies UK will design and implement a network architecture based on the K.I.S.S. principles of simplicity. We aim for as simple as possible to maintain your required IT connectivity and IT security.
Less an environmental statement and more a requirement for 21st century networks. Power demands are ever-increasing, so availability and consistency of power is critical for your network. Power issues can cause widespread network disruption, so clean, conditioned and consistent power is an essential component of any computer network infrastructure.