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Fresh Mango Technologies was founded in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) in 2008 and this is the Fresh Mango story. Initially, the company conducted simple website development work, addressing the requirements of an economy growing rapidly thanks to financial services and tourism.


Increasingly the company received requests for computer support – repairs and so forth. This capability grew and it wasn’t long before the company won its first retainer contract for fully outsourced IT support of a local company. Today the company is the premier provider of IT support services to local companies, many of whom are the local arms for global trust, finance and law companies.


In 2015, to address challenges with skill shortages and to provide strategic strength, Fresh Mango’s owners acquired CCS 2000 in Ripon, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom. CCS 2000 was founded in 1990 and provides IT support to businesses small and large across the region. By nature of its location, the customer base is predominantly rural-activity driven.


In 2017, the acquisition of CCS 2000 proved its strategic worth. On September 6th 2017, Hurricane Irma made direct landfall on the British Virgin Islands. It was the strongest Atlantic storm in recorded history, a category 5 hurricane with registered wind speeds of 225mph. Fresh Mango in the BVI was destroyed, as was much of its customer base along with the country’s infrastructure.


In the weeks and months of slow recovery that followed, communications and support requests were channelled through CCS 2000, since many of Fresh Mango’s clients have offices worldwide. The Fresh Mango BVI team was able to obtain temporary office space in client premises, and as power and communications were gradually restored in the BVI, so were ‘normal’ operations.


The acquisition of CCS 2000 had proven its strategic worth. In April 2018 Fresh Mango BVI moved into new, purpose-fitted premises, starting a new chapter to the Fresh Mango story.

In 2019, the Group owners made a further acquisition – IDT in Leeds, Yorkshire. IDT was a family-run IT company formed in 2001. In acquiring them they brought additional scale to the UK side of the business.


Following consolidation and integration work, CCS 2000 and IDT were merged into Fresh Mango Technologies (UK) Ltd in June 2020, making the UK company a strong and substantial provider of managed and outsourced IT support services across the Yorkshire region and beyond. The companies on both sides of the Atlantic support each other and their client bases. Much of the scheduled IT support work we conduct is performed out-of-hours by our sister company, minimising operational disruption to our UK customers.


In September 2022 a further acquisition – Verus Solutions – expanded our reach with an office in Skipton, North Yorkshire.


Today the Fresh Mango Technologies group is recognised as a strong, focused and highly capable IT support company, and the Fresh Mango story continues.


We still build websites too.

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