Cloud Servers

With remote working now very much a workplace norm, companies are increasingly looking to cloud-based solutions to allow them to run their businesses. That’s where Cloud servers come in!


Very simply, cloud servers are servers that are not on your premises. It’s in a data centre or Cloud facility somewhere else. A full-service cloud server allows you to manage and deploy all software you would use for your business day-to-day. And of course, it provides complete access to your files and folders and access level control for the same.


Clearly for your business to operate with a cloud server requires a robust and fast Internet connection for all your stuff. Typically, people living in open areas and cities should have no problem with this, but those people based in rural locations should review their internet speeds locally.

We’ll be happy to talk to you about the pros and cons of a cloud-based server versus a premises-based server solution for your business.

Cloud Servers – the technology

Our Cloud platform enables self-service provisioning capabilities within a simple click and an array of one-click, pre-packed, best practise deployment templates to automate the provisioning process within the marketplace.

Reliable Disaster Recovery facility.
With our purpose-built, Leeds-based data centre, our secondary site in Manchester and tertiary data centre in London, our Cloud solution provides a secure and scalable Disaster Recovery facility.
How does colocation work?
Colocation is essentially outsourcing your servers & networking equipment. All of the equipment used to run the digital aspects of your business require bandwidth, cooling systems, an IP address and of course power. The idea of colocation is to take all of this ’off your hands’ so that you can focus on the important stuff. This means that instead of paying to use the server and keeping it in your office space the server will be privately owned by you and all you need to pay for is the rent to physically house the server; saving you valuable space in your office.

There are many different reasons as to why a business might decide to colocate their services whether they have a small office space, little time to manage, require stronger security or simply looking to get better performance from their network.
One of the prime features of colocation services is security; colocation is a much safer means of storing business information because it is monitored 24/7 by a third party providing enhanced security both physically & digitally. This eliminates the risk of fire, theft or power outages having a devastating effect on the company and its data.
Colocation also offers better performance because the network has access to much stronger connectivity that can provide a super-fast unlimited internet network that is carrier neutral.

Many businesses have found that colocation has been an improvement to their business, as well as reducing additional costs too.