PCI Compliance

Fresh Mango Technologys’ experts can help you achieve PCI compliance by making sure your network is secure. 

We will ensure: 

  • Your network prohibits external access (unless authorised)
  • Specified routes are secured with encryption
  • Overall PCI compliance from an IT perspective.

This ensures that PCI standards are met for your company.

What is PCI Compliance?

PCI Compliance (Payment Card Industry Compliance) is mandated by credit card companies to help ensure that credit card transactions are secure. It involves technical and operational standards that businesses have to follow to protect credit card data provided by cardholders and transmitted through card processing and transactions. Companies that follow the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) are PCI compliant.

The PCI Standards Council is responsible for the development of the standards. These standards have been expanded to outline requirements for encrypted internet transactions as well.

PCI Standards

PCI compliance standards require businesses to handle credit card information securely to help reduce the chance of cardholders having sensitive financial account information stolen. If these details are not handled according to PCI standards, the card information could be hacked and used for fraudulent actions. Sensitive information about the cardholder could be used in identity fraud.

To be PCI compliant, you need to consistently adhere to a set of guidelines set forth by the PCI Standards Council. PCI compliance is governed by the PCI Standards Council, an organisation formed in 200 for the purpose of managing the security of credit cards. These requirements are known as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). Part of this includes six major requirements, which are:

  • Build and Maintain a Secure Network and Systems
  • Protect Cardholder Data
  • Maintain a Vulnerability Management Program
  • Implement Strong Access Control Measures
  • Regularly Monitor and Test Networks
  • Maintain an Information Security Policy

The six objectives, as well as the 12 requirements, illustrate a series of steps that credit card processors must follow in order to be PCI Compliant. PCI compliance also helps to avoid fraudulent activity and mitigate data breaches.

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