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Website Backups and Recovery

Website backups are as important as any other backups you have in place for your systems. A website can become corrupted or have a server failure just like any other electronic data.

Why do I need Website backups?

No doubt you and your company have backups in place for your server, computers and network. This is standard practice for a professionally-managed IT infrastructure. These may be cloud backups or local backups or a combination of both (Highly recommended!). The reasons you have backups in place are simple:

  1. To recover lost files
  2. To recover your complete system
  3. To defend against ransomware

Well, your website is hosted on a server ‘somewhere’ – it’s in the cloud. The server it is hosted on can fail just like any other server.

Furthermore, your website may be subjected to unwanted attention from hackers. They may add code to it, corrupt it or simply cause it to fail.

In both these circumstances, it’s imperative to have a regularly backed up copy of your website available. That way it can be recovered to pre-crisis standards.

Should you require further information on Website backups or wish to ascertain the best solution for your business, please contact Fresh Mango today  and we’ll be delighted to assist.

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