IT Support

When you engage any of the IT support services from Fresh Mango Technologies you’re in safe hands. Experienced technicians combined with a customer-friendly and can-do attitude to ensure your IT requirements are managed seamlessly. We can demonstrate an extensive portfolio of projects together with testimonials from our many satisfied customers.


You can find out more about our IT services portfolio by following any of the menu links on this page. A summary of our IT support services follows

IT Support Services

Fresh Mango Technologies UK provides a comprehensive set of Managed IT Services and IT support services plans to cater for customers of all sizes and requirements. If you don’t have any in-house IT or computer support, then look no further! Fresh Mango Technologies UK will be your go-to IT support provider, and at a fraction of the cost of full-time staff.

Cloud Backup Service

Backing up your computer is essential, and our cloud backup service “Neovault” makes it incredibly simple. Neovault isn’t just online file storage – when you backup your IT systems to Neovault they are effectively replicated on our secure Cloud Servers. Why is this important? Well, if your IT server or computer(s) fail, we can have you back up and running with minimal delay and disruption to your business – your complete system (not just files) is backed up to the Cloud.


We know that having the right website is crucial for your business. That’s why our website design services team doesn’t just provide website solutions – they provide business solutions. We ensure your website delivers the maximum benefit to your company.

Servers & Network Infrastructure

A first-class network infrastructure and cabling architecture are critical for fast, flexible and reliable network operations. It impacts everything on your network, from day-to-day computer operations through to printing and phone systems and even your IT security. Harnessing the expertise of our network infrastructure technicians, Fresh Mango Technologies UK will help you plan and deploy network cabling. This can be in either existing or new buildings, to provide optimum efficiency.

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Cyber Security Services

Our cyber security services can be carried out remotely or on-site, offering the client flexibility. Using a mixture of software and analytics we can determine how secure your information is online – through your web and social media presence, and through Internet gateways into your own networks. Our packages are designed to be affordable and effective for small and medium-sized enterprises, with three tiers of support available.

Email & Website Hosting

Fresh Mango Technologies UK provides cloud hosting services to clients worldwide. We can host your website and email accounts, manage your domain name and even design your website for you, with everything located in our secure BVI-located servers.

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