Cyber Awareness Training

Cyber Awareness Training

Fresh Mango Technologies provides cyber-awareness training to staff in companies across the UK.


The cyber media conducts annual surveys of cyber threats and attacks and consistently finds that 4 out of 5 successful cyber attacks can be traced back to poor cyber hygiene from internal staff.


Believe it or not, your staff inadvertently allow or help hackers to gain access to your systems.


Cyber hygiene training opens eyes to the threats that are out there; not just in emails, but on Facebook, websites, LinkedIn, pretty much anywhere online!


Provided by qualified and experienced instructors, our cyber awareness training is designed to provide more depth and detail than standard e-learning packages.


Our instructors share real-life experiences and examples of the latest cyber-attacks and threats. Current best practices and the best techniques for avoidance of cyber issues are discussed in detail. We’ll advise how to stay cyber-safe within the workplace and at home.


If you’d like to train your employees on how to be vigilant against cyber threats that your organization faces, contact our team today to organise cyber awareness training for your company.

Cyber hygiene refers to how you and your staff conduct yourselves from an online perspective.


So, it’s not just about IT usage within your business, but also an individual’s overall approach to internet usage and your internal policies and processes.

Case study

A client approached us as their account had been hacked because someone guessed their password from their Facebook profile. The Facebook profile had the client’s dog’s name on it, and unfortunately that was the password.


Sound familiar? It happens all the time…



We conducted cyber hygiene awareness training for their staff and followed this up with a phishing email to confirm the efficacy of the training


There are a number of measures you can take to improve cyber hygiene in your business, including Cyber Decoy Training. 


Implementation/improvement of processes and procedures for cyber conduct by staff, including cyber decoy training, helping you spot threats before they cause any harm.


Contact Fresh Mango to find out more about each approach or contact our proven specialists to find out how we can help improve your cyber security with our cyber hygiene solutions.