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A Day in the Life of an IT Support Technician

I thought it may be interesting to write up what a typical day as an IT Support Technician at Fresh Mango Technologies is like.

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Computer tax relief

The Chancellor recently announced an extension to the super-deduction corporation tax relief measure, effectively providing computer tax relief.

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Add extra security to your systems with TFA

In this blog piece, I'll discuss how to add extra security to your systems with two-factor authentication (TFA). It's actually very straightforward and provides a step-change improvement to your security.

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Current Supply Chain and Cyber challenges

Wow, nearly May already! Another month chalked off 2022, the year is whizzing by again… This month we have two updates from the world of IT that are impacting everyone.

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The Ideal computer setup from Fresh Mango Technologies (Part 3)

In this blog, I will set out the ideal setup for your business IT systems. It represents current best practices for small and medium-sized businesses...

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