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In these times of dramatically increased home working for staff, it’s important for companies and employees alike to measure productivity and effectiveness. Staff monitoring software provides this.

We have software available that can be installed on staff computers and laptops that provides staff monitoring and reporting of many activities including:

  • Remote workforce management
  • Productivity monitoring
  • Operational efficiency

along with data privacy and compliance management.

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Employee monitoring

Employee monitoring software has evolved, providing organizations with key user behaviour insights to understand how work gets done. Our employee monitoring software goes a step further to normalize the data so you can find trends, patterns, and correlations to gain insight into business processes and how to improve them. Our comprehensive Employee monitoring and workforce analytics platform gives you immediate visibility into your workforce. We offer employee monitoring that focuses on wide-ranging workforce improvements.


  • Uncover workflow bottlenecks and poor operational processes.
  • Ensure employee privacy with data collected.
  • Discover team workload discrepancies and redistribution opportunities.
  • Reduce costs with better visibility of application usage.
  • Leverage productivity data to build engaged teams and reduce attrition.
  • Analyse user activity behaviour to mitigate security risks.

Visibility and Analysis of Remote Workforce Behaviour

Staff monitoring software offers not just data, but also insights and context so you can understand employee behaviour and workflows. Performance management, productivity, accountability, and accurate time tracking are all achievable.


  • Get visibility into how remote employees utilize their time.
  • Resolve workflow bottlenecks in operational systems.
  • Discover productivity insights across dispersed teams.
  • Analyse activity and behaviour to ensure accountability.
  • Uncover compliance and security gaps from offsite access.
  • Identify overworked remote employees to reduce attrition.

Visibility and Analysis of Workforce Productivity

The software offers not just data, but also insights and context so you can understand productivity behaviour, analyse the findings and plan how to design your teams for better business outcomes in the future.


  • Get a clear picture of how work gets done.
  • Understand how employees utilize their time.
  • Uncover inefficient operational workflows and poor processes.
  • Remove wasteful practices and distracting environments.
  • Analyse productive behaviours to establish a top performing baseline.
  • Leverage productivity insights to help drive more business.

Better Visibility and Analysis of Operational Efficiency

Insights and context are provided so you can understand employee operational workflows, analyse the findings and plan how to design your teams for better business outcomes in the future.


  • Data with context provides the real picture of how work gets done
  • Establish operational baselines that accurately reflect the business
  • Understand employee utilization of time and make needed adjustments
  • Uncover root cause of spikes in workload
  • Resolve workflow bottlenecks and poor organizational structures
  • Manage costs with better visibility of application usage

Visibility into User Activity to Ensure Data Privacy & Compliance

Detailed contextual user activity logging that documents the handling of sensitive customer data. This cloud-based application, allows you to quickly gain immediate visibility into user activities via a user activity log to ensure you stay within compliance. If a breach occurs, find out where, when, and by whom to quickly address the gap.

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