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Welcome to Borderpoint – A dedicated managed cyber security service that monitors your IT infrastructure, detects vulnerabilities and threats, intrusion attempts, security anomalies, badly configured applications and unauthorised user activities.

Systems driven alerts are investigated by Fresh Mango security analysts who escalate identified threats and provide guidance on remedial actions required to mitigate those threats.

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Investigating unreliable alerts wastes two-thirds of staff time while actual breaches go undetected an average of 146 days. You must be on constant lookout for security threats lurking in your network traffic – managed detection and response gives you actionable insight when it counts.

Gartner's 2018 Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems Magic Quadrant

Cyber criminals are getting more sophisticated with attackers conducting in-depth reconnaissance to find vulnerabilities before launching their attack. Firewalls, anti-virus and patching are often not resilient enough to protect your IT from being compromised. As illustrated above, often once a breach occurs cyber criminals have access to a network for long periods of time without the breach being discovered.

To combat this increased level of threat larger companies, have been deploying managed detection and response capabilities. This is achieved by either operating an in-house SOC (security operations centre) which is expensive to set up and operate or by commissioning a managed service like BORDERPOINT which has been designed and built to provide an affordable solution to businesses of all sizes.

WHY Fresh Mango?

The Borderpoint Security Operations Centre (SOC) is operated by experienced cyber security analysts overseen by James Griffiths and Dave Woodfine; both of whom have extensive experience in setting up and operating SOC monitoring services for large corporate organisations including the MOD and the Bank of England.

The BORDERPOINT service has been designed and built based on experience gathered working for organisations where the highest standards of security are demanded.





A fast and easy deployment straight onto your IT. For windows, BORDERPOINT can be automatically deployed through group policy deployment or an installer for singular hosts. For Linux and MacOSX a simple installer script is provided. As part of the installation process, our deployed agent will register with the BORDERPOINT management server ensuring the BORDERPOINT service is up and running straight away without the need for license keys or software downloads.

For log sources where the BORDERPOINT endpoint agent can’t be installed (firewalls, routers, switches) the BORDERPOINT on-premise pre-configured Virtual Machine can be deployed onto your infrastructure. Once the Virtual machine is up and running then any remaining devices will also be monitored. All you need to do is to install and power on and let BORDERPOINT do the rest.


AIX 5,6 and 7OpenSUSE
Amazon Linux, Amazon Linux 2Oracle Linux 5,6 and 7
CentOS 5,6 and 7Solaris 10 and 11 – i386 / sparc
Debian 7 and aboveSuse 11 and 12
Fedora 22 or aboveUbuntu 12.04 and above
HP-UX 11.31Windows XP Service Pack 2 and above
MacOSX Sierra or aboveWindows Server 2003 and above


All BORDERPOINT logs are sent from the monitored device to the procesing manager using AES 256 bit encryption via either UDP or TCP.


The BORDERPOINT agent can be installed using both .msi for Windows-based operating systems and .sh command-line script for *nix based operating systems. A full installation guide is provided if required. The agent install is fully automated and will automatically register with the BORDERPOINT service.


Providing around the clock managed cyber services from the SIOC from a team of Cyber professionals.

Our range of security assessments cover both technical and operational aspects for any business

Fresh Mango produces its own and re-sells a number of specialist cyber products.

Our crisis response service is run through the SIOC providing a number of services to help companies when something goes wrong.

Fresh Mango provides a range of cyber training services designed to meet your needs.

The Senior Team at Fresh Mango provide a range of cyber consultancy services to assist companies understand cyber security


If you would like more information or would like to request a demonstration of the BORDERPOINT managed service then please contact us via:

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