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The impact on a Brand of a cybersecurity breach

This is the Transcript of my recent video log (The impact on a Brand of a cybersecurity breach) – my voice is difficult to hear since I was asked to keep it down by the BA Cabin staff for disturbing other...

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Your Dream Car

Maybe sports cars aren’t your thing? How about a luxury brand Grand Tourer like a Bentley or Aston Martin?

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Another data breach – enough already!

In light of yet another data breach (you can find out who and how many millions of people are affected here), we thought we'd give over our latest blog-piece to cybersecurity...

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Convenience and cyber security

I’ve been thinking a lot about convenience and cyber security lately. Many of the most successful products and services make our lives more convenient. So much so that we take many of them for...

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Foundations of IT Security

I’ve been thinking a lot about triangles lately. Not the musical kind, but rather how they are such a useful (and simple) means of conveying building blocks and foundations. Notably the Foundations of...

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