High-Net-Worth Individuals

High-Net-Worth Individuals - Cyber Security

Owing to their status – and very often fame – High-Net-Worth Individuals and their families are tempting targets for cyber-criminals. High net worth individuals cyber security is an area we specialise in – we can provide you with tangible improvements.


Cyber threats are quickly becoming one of the most prevalent security threats to wealthy and famous individuals, especially as more information is posted and stored online. Mobile device vulnerabilities, scams, targeted attacks, and data breaches all pose a substantial threat to high net-worth individuals.

Consider this Tweet from a Teenage Girl

‘Mom and Dad went out to some fancy event and I have to stay home. #homealone #bored’

Cybercriminals fish to gather information to create profiles on high net worth individuals. This information may then be:

  • Sold to other criminal associates or on the dark web
  • Used to engage in corporate espionage, searching for product details or merger information.
  • Used to steal funds, through direct hacks or indirect monitoring and fraud

It’s important to understand that protecting your wealth and your family from cybercrime is a holistic process. It doesn’t just involve high-tech solutions, but also creating a broader awareness of your own activities.

High-Net-Worth Individuals - Our Approach

In order to assist and inform High net-worth individuals cyber security, we undertake the following process and evaluation.

  • Initial consultation to ascertain any specific concerns you may have. We also provide you with an overview of general cyber threats to ensure a common understanding
  • We conduct a questionnaire-based and on-site cyber assessment.
  • The results of this assessment inform general areas for improvement, after which we will make recommendations to you accordingly. This includes useful best practice recommendations that to provide a heightened level of awareness, with the aim of reducing you and your family’s overall level of risk.
  • We implement the cyber-recommendations, which will likely include some or all of:
    • Information security hardening, including cyber – hygiene training
    • Physical security enhancement from an IT and cyber perspective
    • Network security – hardening of your IT infrastructure and assets
  • We conduct ongoing annual assessments to ensure your systems and activities are evolving to meet the ever-changing cyber threats.

Confidentiality is assured and we enter into relevant non-disclosure agreements as required by our clients.

Already suffered a Cyber-Breach or Attempted Breach?

If you have already fallen victim to some form of cyber-attack or breach we will address it. We will:

  • Conduct a detailed review of the breach
  • Take appropriate measures (see ‘Our Approach’ above) to prevent the breach from occurring again
  • Provide a detailed report and recommendations. The report is created in a format suitable for submission to relevant legal authorities, should you wish to pursue criminal proceedings
Typical package
  • Free, initial no-obligation confidential discussion
  • Cyber assessment of you and your family
  • Detailed SWOT report and recommendations for threat mitigation
  • Implementation of recommendations
  • Annual review to ensure your systems, knowledge and processes remain current

If you would like further information or wish to have an initial, confidential discussion, please contact us today.

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