Cloud Email Migration

After that, we proceeded to audit users’ computers, confirming the operative system installed, the Outlook version, and email protocol used.

Fresh Mango Technologies UK completed a cloud email migration for a large Corporation in Leyburn.

After the initial planning phase, we collected required details:

  • Email addresses
  • Passwords
  • Number of users
  • Existing mailboxes
  • Aliases
  • Distribution groups
  • Shared mailboxes

We then created and set up new Office 365 accounts as needed.

After that, we proceeded to audit users’ computers, confirming the operative system installed, Outlook version, and email protocol used. We had to upgrade the operating system on one machine, and acquire Office 365 Business Premium licences for users who didn’t have a compatible Outlook version installed.

All users were using POP3 protocol, so we had to clean up their mailboxes (big attachments, deleted items and junk mails), and export all their existing emails to PST files. Then we created a new Outlook profile on each computer, adding the new Office 365 accounts – ready to be used after the switch.

When the preparatory work was over and everything was ready, the next step was to edit the client’s MX record to point to Office 365. We did this overnight outside of normal working hours The following morning we changed Outlook profiles to Office 365, and imported the saved PST files into their new email accounts, in order to restore all previous emails.

We completed the migration without any disruptions to users or the company and without any loss of data. This allowed operations at the company to continue smoothly and efficiently, resulting in no unnecessary down time or waste of company resources. Their new system allowed workers to better adapt to the modern market and software world, giving their system greater longevity in the years to come. This improvement in turn reflects onto their customers, and the services provided, with an overall improvement to all those involved.

We enjoyed working with this Leyburn corporation and would love the opportunity to do so again, come another system update. We were proud of the service provided and are happy to show it off as a key example of our work here at Fresh Mango Technologies UK. Contact us and you too can get a reliable and cost effective upgrade to your system.

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