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Why Hackers Hack

Victims of hacks and attempted hacks often take it personally. Why did they come after me? I’m not famous or rich. Why did they come after my company? We’re just a small business...

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Phishing emails Webinar

A 20-minute webinar by Guy Phoenix on phishing emails. Well worth a look!

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Why don’t I have Administrator Credentials on my PC or Laptop?

Why don’t I have Administrator Credentials?! We’re asked this question from time-to-time, and the short answer is it is standard IT policy for any professionally managed IT network...

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Why you should leave your computer switched on

We’re often asked if its best to switch your computer off every day. Our answer is ‘no’, and in this article, we set out why we recommend leaving PCs switched on is the good practice today...

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Home working – some additional recommendations

The ongoing situation with Coronavirus restrictions means many of us are still working from home. We have previously written recommendations for setting up your workstation for remote...

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